You are currently viewing Elvenar Orcs – Day 36 [100%] – The End

Elvenar Orcs – Day 36 [100%] – The End

So this is it, we’re finally done with the Orcs chapter! All in all, it did take 36 days (see previous day at Elvenar Orcs – Day 35). This is as fast as it can be given the rate of my KP accumulation – there was no tech lock at any time. So onto the Woodelves chapter! I will write a separate summary (and lessons learned 😉 ) post wrapping up the whole Orcs experience. But for now, some regular updates.

City changes

Surprisingly, I have made a few changes today, even though I expected to just wait. I finally crafted 20 Royal Restoration spells from 2 blue prints, and used 18 of those to upgrade one of my Frosted Carved Christmas Tree (3×6 building) from chapter 6 to chapter 7. This boosts it’s production by 20% from 8.0K to 9.6K of gems a day.

Wonder why do I have all those L1 residences in the bottom left corner? Well, this is a temporary population boost in order to fast forward workshop upgrades. L20 upgrade needs only 101 pop, but takes a lot of coins, orcs and time. So I have actually managed to upgrade all 6 workshops to L20, even though original plan was to keep them at L19. I am running ahead of schedule! 😉

I have also negotiated 1 more province on the map. This allowed me to unlock one more expansion (see bottom right). And tomorrow we will start demolition of the Orc settlement. No more dung production!

Orcs - Day 36 [100%] - The End

Orcs – Day 36 [100%] – The End
Marble Tournament – preparation for next week

Recovery mode is still on from the tournament perspective. The production is a bit slower than the last time, and I am on track to get slightly less than 70 squads to begin with. Let’s see if I can avoid the massacre in 1* round that I orchestrated the last time 😉 Goods are still pretty low after closing the Orcs chapter, but might be enough to pull through at least this tournament. We’ll see…

Elvenar Orcs research goods

Expansion 35 is finally activated, so I don’t need any of the Orcs research goods. We are done! While waiting for the Advanced Scouts research, I managed to produce some hardshrooms and debris, just in case I’d want to build some Orc roads. But I don’t plan to – my expectation is that I will be swimming in culture in Woodelves, and culture from the roads will be irrelevant. But I still have resources for quite a few tiles now, just in case.

Orcs - Day 36 [100%] - The End

Orcs – Day 36 [100%] – The End

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