You are currently viewing Elvenar Sorcerers & Dragons – Day 06 [23%]

Elvenar Sorcerers & Dragons – Day 06 [23%]

So, we’re in day 6 of Elvenar Sorcerers & Dragons chapter (see previous day at Elvenar Sorcerers & Dragons – Day 05). It’s a quiet day in the city. We’re wrapping final quests from the Evolution of the Phoenix event, and getting ready to ramp up settlement production to the max. It is a quiet before the storm…

City changes

Not a lot of change in the city today – it’s all about prep work. I have managed to upgrade all 3x Necromancy Faculties to L3 – this will be a nice boost for the catchers production. And I started L6 upgrade to my Tome of Secrets AW. This will likely to be the last upgrade for this wonder as I will have better targets. Still, it will give me another 1 KP a day. And I will have to find a place for all those KPs… 😉

But another piece of good news is that pretty much all production event quests are finally done. I have only two scouting and relics quests. This means I can rip out the shantytown first thing tomorrow. Again. Sigh… 😉

But really, it’s about time to get rid of it. I will need space for settlement expansion right about now, so timing is perfect. Tomorrow, we should see a lot of changes in the city. Stay tuned!

Sorcerers & Dragons - Day 06 [23%]

Sorcerers & Dragons – Day 06 [23%]
Elvenar Sorcerers & Dragons progress

I haven’t activated any new techs today. As I mentioned before, all new research in this chapter will require research goods to unlock, and we haven’t even starting producing any of those. I am still in the middle of upgrading my settlement, and it will take some time. I don’t expect any research goods production until then.

So as I said yesterday, we’ll have to be running on portal profits for a while. But I want to get the most bang for the buck on PPs, so I am trying to upgrade the Campus as far as I can with minimum PP deployment until L4. If at all possible.

By tomorrow I should be ready with the L2 upgrade. I am primarily constrained with arcane scrolls and catchers production, as these came in later. In the meantime, I had resources to spare to upgrade 3x Necromancy Faculties to L2, so we should be good on catcher production. We produced substantial stockpile of flasks, so we should be OK running on 2x L1 Alchemy Faculties for now.

In the meantime, while I wait for Campus upgrades, I need to stuff incoming KPs into open research. And there are not that many options left there. We’re almost done with “A Market…” tech, and then it is only City Expansion 39 for 52KPs plus 20KP in the bar with Inspired Meditation. Luckily, we should have the lowest KP inflow for the next couple of days, so we should be able to last until L3 campus. Perhaps even L4? This might be pushing it though…

Sorcerers & Dragons - Day 06 [23%]

Sorcerers & Dragons – Day 06 [23%]
Silk Tournament – 6* day

Silk tournament is finally over. I managed to squeeze the last 9 provinces right before the deadline, and I managed to fight it till the very end – no additional catering outside of the norm. This is great! This also means that I have no treants left. Zilch, zip, nada. Oh well, back to producing cannon fodder we go…

Outside of me dropping the ball at 1* stage (not putting down UUU until later), it went reasonably well. It didn’t feel nearly that bad as the previous scrolls tournament. The numbers tell a somewhat different story. We’ve lost 237 squads this time around. This is a new record. In fact, during the terrible scrolls tournament my losses were only 182 squads! What the heck?

Well, the reason for that is that during scrolls I blew through all my troops extremely fast, and had to do a lot of catering. This time around, I have started with higher reserves, and while I blew through them all, my catering was pretty modest.

Still, during the previous tournament with Treants – crystal – we’ve only lost 157 squads. That’s a loss increase of 50% for this tournament! And I had tons of treants left the last time around. Don’t think I did much catering, either. Go figure!

Bottom line, I need to keep accumulating data. There is not a ton of consistency yet in my observations. And I can’t wait to deploy evolved Fire Phoenix for massive damage boost to all my troops. It might be a game changer. Hopefully, I’ll have it in place for the next tournament. Stay tuned!

Silk Tournament – 6* day
Silk Tournament – 6* day
Event – Evolution of the Phoenix

Today is another day in our current 4 week long event – Evolution of the Phoenix. Again, won’t be repeating much what is written elsewhere, so check out these resources:

Also check out what I am planning to go for in the Woodelves – Day 28 post as well as S&D – Day 5 post. So here are my stats so far:

Evolution of the Phoenix - 2019 Event
Evolution of the Phoenix – 2019 Event

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