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Elvenar Sorcerers & Dragons – Day 16 [47%]

So, we’re in day 16 of Elvenar Sorcerers & Dragons chapter (see previous day at Elvenar Sorcerers & Dragons – Day 15). And I have just three words for you – shantytown is back! ๐Ÿ˜‰

City changes

Wow, hold on a second. The shantytown is back – again?! Won’t that be a 3rd time in the recent history? What is going on here?

Well, the good news is that it is not for the Evolution of the Phoenix event this time ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope we’re completely done with that one. But apparently, another event – albeit small – is just around the corner.

It is supposed to be a Challenge – a relatively new type of micro event (about 3 days or so) where you can get rewards for producing stuff. Previous ones were all about workshop productions – of any kind. This time around it is supposed to be all about goods production – again, of any kind. It will probably start in a few days. Rewards are crafting-related – catalysts, spell fragments and vapor. It is not spectacular, but event is very easy, and rewards are useful.

This means it is time to raise the shantytown again – this time with T1 manufactories. It is surprising how much usable space there is for those 1×2 and 2×1 buildings. It is nice to have some options for a change ๐Ÿ˜‰

So as you can see, we’ve built a zillion of those T1, and loaded them with 2 day productions for maximum impact. This also means that as I filled all the nooks and crannies with those buildings, I will focus on upgrades that don’t change shape. Meaning residence upgrades are on hold. And I will be upgrading the Main Hall (already started) and workshops – those don’t change shape this chapter.

I hope I won’t need to wait for another month though ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sorcerers & Dragons - Day 16 [47%]

Sorcerers & Dragons – Day 16 [47%]
Elvenar Sorcerers & Dragons progress

As anticipated, today we finally got enough resources to activate Main Hall upgrade research. And I immediately went and started one. That’s about 160K worth of mana that won’t be decaying. This also means that between research and upgrade, my mana stockpile dropped down to about 30K. This is a actually a good thing as I won’t be losing to decay as much.

And I don’t have much to spend mana on except for research, and there we’re more than covered with our ~200K/day production. We should be just fine, and won’t need to postpone any of the projects because of insufficient mana.

Aside from that, we have finished KP fill for Banshee Promotion, and are now waiting for research goods to unlock that. We already have enough in the production pipeline.

In the meantime, we’re filling in KPs for Blossom Mage Promotion, as there are not many techs open. And we’re getting close to the half mark of the chapter, and our overall production projections are still bleak. Oh well…

Sorcerers & Dragons - Day 16 [47%]

Sorcerers & Dragons – Day 16 [47%]
Magic Dust Tournament โ€“ 1* day

And here we go – Magic Dust tournament, 1* stage. This time around, I did not forget to place Unleashed Uni Upgrade. And I fed my L9 Fire Phoenix for additional +45% damage. And still, it was really, really bad.

I mean, not as bad as a couple of the previous tournaments (ahem, scrolls). But still, our standard 1* stage have lost us almost 50 squads. Compare that with slightly more than 20 in the last tournament. Ouch…

Bottom line is, extra damage for your units doesn’t matter if your squads are dead on arrival. Our melee troops face primarily ranged enemies, and by the time they even get to their targets where damage would matter, losses would already be staggering. I suppose there is really no answer for melee-based tournaments except for extra health. And that means grabbing all the UUU I can craft, and upgrading Martial Monastery AW. And this one is expensive to upgrade…

The good news is, we have started better this time around. We’ve got more than 150 squads to begin with (vs, ahem, scrolls). So we should be able to last 1*, 2* and probably 3* stages with the troops that we have. Beyond that, I am not sure. Losses are just too high, and it will get worse.

On the other hand, we’ve had significantly fewer encounters with 3+ counterunits. Paradoxically, this means that we sustained higher losses than expected. This is because we did fight more encounters instead of catering. Saved on goods though. Would be interesting to see if that’s a consistent pattern for this tournament…

Magic Dust Tournament โ€“ 1* day
Magic Dust Tournament โ€“ 1* day

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