Elvenar crafting recipes

Elvenar Crafting Recipes

Here is the most recent list of Elvenar crafting recipes for all the items you can craft in the Magic Academy. The information on existing recipes is complete and accurate as of the time of this writing. We periodically update this, so it should stay current.

The only exception is the status column (marked ‘?’). We crowdsource this information, so it may become a bit outdated. The way it works is that Elvenar does not remove crafting recipes from the list; it just stops sending them to the Magic Academy. As a result, the only way to figure out if a particular crafting recipe is no longer active is to basically not see it for a very long time πŸ˜‰

That’s where we need community support! If you have reasons to believe that a particular recipe is no longer active, post it in the comment and we’ll see if someone can disprove that. If not, after a period of time we’ll mark it as inactive.

Also, if you see a recipe that is not on the list, definitely mention it! Ideally, you do it with a link to a screenshot πŸ˜‰ This means it is time for a recipe list refresh.

So here you go – enjoy!

1Y1Portal Profit 5%30045:3082
2Y6Time Booster 10min24903:0011
3Y9Time Booster 15min52503:3022
4Y5Time Booster 30min52203:3023
5Y5Time Booster 45min28414:0033
6Y7Time Booster 1h40924:3054
7Y4Time Booster 2h43924:3044
8Y1Time Booster 5h27314:3034
9Y1Time Booster 8h62214:3045
10Y1Time Booster 14h81625:0075
11Y1Supply Windfall 5%30003:0011
12Y1Supply Windfall 10%57003:3021
13N2Supply Windfall 15%46633:3072
14Y1Supply Windfall 20%63013:3042
15N2Supply Windfall 25%70443:30103
16Y1Supply Windfall 33%75023:3063
17N2Supply Windfall 50%1,17764:00154
18Y1Supply Windfall 100%1,20064:00155
19N3Coin Rain 5%46323:3051
20N1Coin Rain 10%25313:3031
21N2Coin Rain 15%46633:3072
22N1Coin Rain 20%63813:3042
23Y1Coin Rain 25%42023:3053
24Y1Coin Rain 33%75024:0063
25Y1Coin Rain 50%60044:0094
26Y1Coin Rain 100%1,20064:00155
27Y2Ancient Knowledge 345924:0052
28Y2Ancient Knowledge 573734:3083
29Y1Ancient Knowledge 748424:0053
30Y1Ancient Knowledge 1051834:3074
31Y1Ancient Knowledge 1582645:00104
32Y1Ancient Knowledge 201,09455:00135
33Y1Magical Manufacturing15013:3021
34Y2Power of Provision15014:0021
35Y1Ensorcelled Endowment30003:3011
36Y3Inspiring Meditation45024:0051
37Y5Gems Relic30013:3031
38Y5Dust Relic30013:3031
39Y5Elixir Relic30013:3031
40Y5Silk Relic30013:3031
41Y5Scrolls Relic30013:3031
42Y5Crystal Relic30013:3031
43Y5Planks Relic30013:3031
44Y5Steel Relic30013:3031
45Y5Marble Relic30013:3031
46Y1Silver Unicorn15014:3023
47Y1Crystal Unicorn15014:3023
48W1Frozen Unicorn15014:3023
49W1Candy Cane Unicorn15014:3023
50Y1Lava Codex30025:0054
51N1Sun Codex60045:0094
52N1Leaf Codex60045:0094
53N1Summer Flower Cage15014:3023
54Y1Rainbow Flower Cage30004:3013
55N1Arbor of Spring Flowers15014:3023
61Y1Rainbow Unicorn15014:3024
62W1Frozen Flame Purple30025:0055
64W1Forest Igloo15014:3024
65W1Frozen Tree Stump Magic15014:3024
66N1Winter Shrine30024:3054
67N1Frozen Flame Blue60045:0095
68N1Frozen Flame Orange60045:0095
69N1Frozen Flame Green60045:0095
70Y1Broken Shards27003:0011
71Y2Broken Shards54003:0022
72Y3Broken Shards36013:3033
73Y1Magnificent Mage Multiplier60044:3094
74Y1Unleashed Unit Upgrade60044:3094
75Y1Enlightened Light Range60044:3094
76Y1Grounds of the Orc Strategist60045:0095
77Y1Orc Nest60045:0095
78Y1Vallorian Valor90045:00115
79Y1Mana Sawmill60045:0095
80Y1Traveling Merchant I45034:3074
81Y1Traveling Merchant II45034:3074
82Y1Traveling Merchant III45034:3074
83Y1Portal Profit 10%1,30065:30163
84Y1Portal Profit 15%1,85095:30234
8511Golden King2,250154:00354
8611Solar Rook1,20083:00194
8711Flame Knight90063:00144
8811Tome Bishop90063:00144
89Y10Royal Restoration3BP: 14:0082
90Y20Royal Restoration5BP: 25:00163
91Y30Royal Restoration7BP: 36:00254
92Y1Ancient Knowledge 3175Shards: 23:0032
93Y1Ancient Knowledge 10300Shards: 64:3073
94Y1Ancient Knowledge 15450Shards: 85:00104
95N1Pet Food2rCrystal: 53:0072
96Y1Pet Food2rElixir: 53:0073
97Y1Pet Food2rGems: 53:0073
98Y1Pet Food2rDust: 53:0073
99N1Pet Food2rMarble: 53:0071
100N1Pet Food2rPlanks: 53:0071
101N1Pet Food2rScrolls: 53:0072
102N1Pet Food2rSilk: 53:0072
103N1Pet Food2rSteel: 53:0071
104Y1Festival Merchant90066:00145
105Y1Supply Windfall 15%39013:3032
106Y1Supply Windfall 25%42023:3053
107Y1Supply Windfall 50%60044:0094
10811Storm Phoenix1,20085:00195
10911Fire Phoenix1,20085:00195
11011Aureate Phoenix1,20085:00195
11111Mermaids Paradise1,20085:00195
113Y30Royal Restoration3,150BP: 36:00254
114Y1Portal Profit 20%3,000106:00295
115Y1Time Booster 20h96035:0095
116Y1Pet Food1,6503:0072
11711Brown Bear90045:00115
11811Polar Bear90045:00115
11911Panda Bear90045:00115
120T1Phoenix Artifact (2019)3aPhoenix2020: 26:00205
121T1Phoenix Artifact (2020)3aPhoenix2019: 36:00205
122T1Phoenix Artifact (2019)5aPhoenix2020: 26:00205
123T1Phoenix Artifact (2020)5aPhoenix2019: 36:00205
124T1Storm Phoenix1,20085:00195
125T1Fire Phoenix1,20085:00195
126T1Aureate Phoenix1,20085:00195
12711Gingerbread Mansion90045:0015
12811Valentine Float90045:00115
12911Coldfire Phoenix1,20085:00195

Short status descriptions:

  • Y – recipe is active, and can appear multiple times
  • N – recipe is deactivated, and should NOT be showing up at all
  • T – recipe is active temporarily, and will be disabled at some point in time
  • W– recipe is active in Winter only, and is disabled during other seasons
  • 1 – recipe is active, but only one instance of the item is allowed – e.g. Chess Set pieces
  • ? – status is not confirmed – we need your input!

Elvenar - Thanks!

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  1. SamiDoDamage

    ID#23 CoinRain25% is active in my MA now. Have screenshot if needed.

  2. SamiDoDamage

    Realized it would be best to check MA in both cities and list anything that looked helpful in one post. Pretty sure there are no surprises here, just wanted to verify since atm they are all listed as ?
    ID#105 15%SupplyInstant active in my MA now. Screenshot if needed.
    ID#80 TrvlMrcht I active in my MA now. Screenshot if needed.
    ID#11 5%SupplyInstant active in my MA now. Screenshot if needed.

  3. Turbina

    I had #60 (15 KP) in my MA on world de3 or de4 a few days back, and I have it on de7 right now.

    1. MinMax Gamer
      MinMax Gamer

      Thanks, updated. We have covered all unconfirmed cases for now!

  4. dbrad000

    I just had #66 Winter Shrine show up in MA. It had been a long time since that one had popped, and it’s currently marked inactive on your list. I have a screenshot if necessary.

    1. MinMax Gamer
      MinMax Gamer

      Yep, it seems with the latest update all kinds of things that were supposed to be inactive (even officially so) started to pop up in the MA. Leaf Codex, Frozen Flames and now Winter Shrine… Following up with Inno to see if this is intentional, but I strongly suspect that it’s not.

  5. Melton

    to confirm, I have the Leaf Codex in my MA today

    1. MinMax Gamer
      MinMax Gamer

      Yeah, recently all kinds of things that are marked as disabled or seasonal started to pop up in the MA (Leaf/Sun Codex, Frozen Flames etc). I am waiting for an official confirmation that this is an intended change before adjusting, but so far Inno hasn’t really talked about that. I strongly suspect this is a bug as some things just do not make sense (e.g. Sun/Leaf Codex are twice as expensive than Lava Codex which is better etc).

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