Optimal Event Chest Strategy

Assign desired value weights in the fields below. This works as follows: if you’re only interested in one prize type, put 1 there and zeros (or blanks) elsewhere. Default calculation is setup for maximizing Grand Prizes at the expense of everything else. This means that GPrize is 1, and everything else is 0.

Now, if you want to balance more than one prize type, you need to enter less trivial weights. Lets say that you’re equally interested in Grand Prizes and Daily Prizes. Then you enter 1 for GPrize and 1 for DPrize, and everything else is 0. If you value 1 Grand Prize as 2 Daily Prizes then you enter 2 for GPrize and 1 for DPrize, to measure in DP units. Alternatively, you can enter 1 for GPrize and 0.5 for DPrize to measure in GP units. This doesn’t change the strategy or actual outcome, only display for Total Value.

TimeBoosts are measured in hours, PP, Coins and Supply instants are measured in %, so if you want to focus on daily prizes, portal profits and timeboosters, and you value them in 100:4:5 ratio, then you enter 1, 0.04 and 0.05 in corresponding weights (to measure in DP units). This is equivalent to saying that you value 1 DP, 25% worth of PP and 20 hours worth of time boosters equally.

You can also analyze your own strategy here:  Manual Event Chest Strategy