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Elvenar Diamonds: Fastest Sign-up Strategy

So you’re a free Elvenar player, and you want to know everything you need to know about Elvenar diamonds? Do you want to know how you can get upwards of 1,000+ Elvenar diamonds per month – for free? Well, for that you need to check out my guide to free diamonds in Elvenar. This is a supplementary article that covers the fastest strategy that you can use to recycle free sign-up diamonds in Elvenar – you’ll be able to get 100 diamonds in 1:40 in 1 world, or 600 diamonds in less than 4 hours in 6 worlds!

Again, for overall mechanics head over to section on recycling sign-up diamonds in the How to get free diamonds? part. Bottom line, you need to complete 18 tutorial quests to get your 100 diamonds reward, and here is the most efficient way to do it. To implement it directly you will need to use desktop client; on mobile step 14 will take about 1 hour longer.

You’re at 0:00 mark now
  • 00: Select Humans or Elves
    • Doesn’t matter, so go Elves! 😉
  • 01: Have at least 2 Residences
    • First, extend footpath by 2 more squares
    • Second, build 1 Residence next to the first one (you already have one)
    • Then start Main Hall upgrade (0:10)
    • Finally, build 2 more Residences next to the previous one
  • 02: Have at least 2 Workshops
    • Can’t build workshops yet, need to research first
    • Luckily, you start with 10 KP
    • So first, unlock Workshop research (3 KP)
    • Then, unlock Luminous Signpost research (5 KP)
    • Finally, build 2 Workshops (next to the first one)
  • 03: Start Beverages
    • Start 5 min production in 1 Workshop
  • 04: Have 4 Residences
    • Already done!
  • 05: Collect coins
    • Wait for your first residence to produce coins
    • Move workshops along the footpath so they’re side by side to the Main Hall
    • Build Luminous Signpost (you already have one)
    • Collect coins
  • 06: Have at least 3 Workshops
    • Already done!
  • 07: Start to upgrade 2 Residences
    • First, start 1 Residence upgrade
    • Then immediately cancel it (saves 1 minute)
    • And then restart 1 Residence upgrade again
  • 08: Negotiate 2 encounters
    • First scout 3 provinces at 12, 4 and 8 o’clock
    • Then go to 12 o’clock province and cater 2 encounters
  • 09: Have a Main Hall at level 2 or higher + Have 2 Luminous Signposts
    • Just wait for the Main Hall finishing it’s upgrade
You’re at about 0:10 mark now
  • 10: Negotiate 3 Encounters
    • Go to 12 o’clock province and cater 4 encounters
  • 11: Unlock Manufactory or Barracks
    • Go barracks!
    • By now, you should have 8 KPs now, which is enough to unlock barracks
    • Start building barracks next to workshops
  • 12: Start 2 beverages
    • Start 5 min production in 2 workshops
  • 13: Have Barracks
    • Wait for barracks to complete
  • 14: Train 1 Sword Dancer
    • Go to barracks and move the slider from default 6 max units to 1 as requested (this saves exactly 1 hour of waiting, but can only be done on desktop client)
    • Then queue 1 slot of 6 Sword Dancers next
    • After that wait 12 minutes to 1 Sword Dancer to complete
You’re at about 0:25 mark now
  • 15: Fight and win an Encounter
    • Go to 4 o’clock province, select 5 squads of Sword Dancers and autofight 8 encounters
  • 16: Train at least 6 units
    • Wait for 6 Sword Dancers to complete (1:12)

Quest 16 is the only time you have to do any real waiting in this strategy. But you can do quests 1-15 in other worlds in the meantime! You can do 3 other worlds in this time span (0:25 x3 = 1:15, and wait time here is about 1:10). This speeds up things a lot!

You’re at about 1:40 mark now
  • 17: Solve 5 Encounters
    • Go to 8 o’clock province, select 5 squads of Sword Dancers and autofight 5 encounters
  • 18: Unlock Archer
    • Finally, drop 15 KP into Archers and unlock this research
Elvenar diamonds: fastest sign-up strategy - Done!

So this is it, now you are done with one iteration of the fastest sign-up strategy for Elvenar diamonds! Don’t forget to pick up your reward at the top, you’ve got 100 diamonds there 😉 Wohoo!

Elvenar diamonds: fastest sign-up strategy results

All in all, this can take about 1 hour and 40 minutes. Not bad for 100 diamonds! But it gets even better if you stagger and do multiple worlds while your quest 16 keeps you waiting. Here is a time table on how quickly you can do multiple worlds if you follow this overlapping version:

So just as I mentioned in the main guide on free diamonds, you can get up to 600 free diamonds in less than 4 hours if you follow this strategy. And you can repeat it monthly! This is pretty good if I say so myself 😉

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  1. Eric Walsh

    I tried this on sunday and I didn’t get diamonds after quest 18. Looking at elven gems website I don’t see any gems as a reward in chapter one or two. Did I do something wrong?

    I am on the fourth chapter on my main account, and I almost finished the first chapter since this weekend in the others, without earning any gems.

    1. MinMax Gamer
      MinMax Gamer

      You don’t need to complete chapter 1 quests, these are just special tutorial milestones. Having said that, it is possible that this method no longer works, several people mentioned issues in the last few days. Take a look at a note that I added: Make sure that your screen has the milestone quest!

  2. SlayzzerKing

    How do I take diamond back in my main account?

    1. MinMax Gamer
      MinMax Gamer

      Not sure what you mean here. All diamonds on the same account are shared. That’s when you have the same login and cities on different servers in the same realm, e.g. US. If you have cities under different accounts (different logins), or in different realms, then you can NOT transfer diamonds between these accounts. Allowing that would make it trivial to abuse the system.

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