You are currently viewing Elvenar Sorcerers & Dragons – Day 21 [62%]

Elvenar Sorcerers & Dragons – Day 21 [62%]

So, we’re in day 21 of Elvenar Sorcerers & Dragons chapter (see previous day at Elvenar Sorcerers & Dragons – Day 20). We have finished our slow-moving upgrades to the Main Hall and the workshops. Now we’re running out of buildings to upgrade without bringing a torch down to shantytown. Which I am trying to avoid. For now 😉

City changes

And so we’re done with the Main Hall and workshops upgrade for the chapter. Main Hall is at L25, and so are all 6x of my workshops. We’re running out of things to upgrade without disturbing the shantytown. All those L1 manufactories by now hold completed 2d productions, so I would like to avoid selling those if possible. As soon as the Challenge event starts, those productions should propel me quite far – if I can last long enough to carry them.

I can still work on a few remaining L24->L25 residence upgrades. That’s what I am doing at the moment. And I am going to upgrade a few low-level Ancient Wonders. For instance, today I have kicked off an upgrade to my Dwarven Bulwark from L2 to L3. More free troops, more training size – again! 😉

Outside of the residences, I can try to upgrade Training Grounds, but this might be tricky without clearing out some space. Shape change is quite non-trivial (5×3 into 3×6). As a final resort, I may do a few planks manufactories upgrades that I postponed from the last chapter. Those need quite a bit of pop, which I would prefer to utilize for upgrading my scrolls manufactories first. I just don’t need T1 goods that much. Well, we’ll see.

Sorcerers & Dragons - Day 21 [62%]

Sorcerers & Dragons – Day 21 [62%]
Elvenar Sorcerers & Dragons progress

The last couple of days were pretty slow from the KP inflows perspective. We’re even slightly below our target rate. This is obviously not for long – once tournament starts, those KPs will start rolling. In the meantime, we should be done with the Training Grounds upgrade tomorrow. Whether we will kick off an actual upgrade to the TG remains to be seen, as that will likely interfere with our shantytown, and I would like to avoid it if I can.

Sorcerers & Dragons - Day 21 [62%]

Sorcerers & Dragons – Day 21 [62%]
Gems Tournament – recovery and preparation

Recovery mode is on from the tournament perspective. We are on track to building slightly more than 100 squads of Bud Sorceress units. Unfortunately, we had to activate one Squad Size Upgrade since the last tournament, so that didn’t help. Worse still, there are 2 more SS upgrades in the near future. I will try to avoid activating those for as long as I can, so that I can do at least a bulk of the gems tournament without taking that hit. Ideally, we delay doing it until the whole tournament is over, but I don’t think this is realistic. We don’t have enough KP sinks in the research tree to do so. But any delay would help.

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