You are currently viewing Elvenar Halflings – Day 08 [27%]

Elvenar Halflings – Day 08 [27%]

So, we’re in day 8 of Elvenar Halflings chapter (see previous day at Elvenar Halflings – Day 07). We continue ramping up our settlement, and it is crunch time. We’re low on seeds, we’re low on fertilizer, we’re low on everything. Is it supposed to get worse before it will get better? I certainly hope that this is the case…

City changes

Today we’re still ramping up our settlement build. We moved up from 6/4/0/0 fields setup to 5/5/1/0. More importantly, we now have 4x farms upgraded to L3 (where I plan to stop), with 2x more are still at L1 and one extra L1 to produce fertilizer. All the farm upgrades were done thanks to Portal Profits that I deployed in the last couple of days.

We’re starting to accumulate some decent amounts of grain and carrots, as now we have good complement of fields and we only produce fertilizers in the farms, for now.

In the meantime, we keep squeezing the shantytown out. Now, we’re cutting into the bone – selling the buildings that I plan to keep in this chapter. So today, we have sold one of the Arcane Libraries. I am running close to 500K mana inventory for now, so we should be able to survive some time of reduced production. Still, there are several days to go…

Halflings - Day 08 [27%]

Halflings – Day 08 [27%]
Elvenar Halflings progress

I still haven’t activated residences upgrade tech, even though it was ready for more than a day. I am throwing all available seeds on fields construction and upgrades, and postponing activating research for as long as I can. We’re really tight on seeds, I use them as soon as I can collect enough. There is no surplus whatsoever.

Halflings - Day 08 [27%]

Halflings – Day 08 [27%]

Similar story with fertilizer, but with upgraded farms I expect that we have turned the corner here and this situation is going to improve in the next couple of days. But not for seeds, we will be tight there until the whole settlement is finished. And this is going to take a while.

The good news is that we can delay apples production for a bit more. The reason is that while we deployed portal profits to upgrade farms, we’re only going to upgrade to L3. This means that we won’t need Jelly for upgrades – and we will accumulate quite a bit. This means we won’t need as many apples (and pumpkins) which is just as well, as these farms will take the longest to ramp up (and are the most expensive in terms of seeds and fertilizer).

Our actual KP ETA is normalizing, now that we’re off the tournament, but it is still higher than anticipated. It will go down I believe to the normal levels. We’re barely holding onto our production ETAs, but we need to build as much production capability as quickly as we can. Or we will be behind – very much so.

Halflings - Day 08 [27%]

Halflings – Day 08 [27%]
Planks Tournament – recovery and preparation

Recovery mode is on from the tournament perspective. There is not much to update here – we’re on pace to start the tournament with well over 100 squads. Probably closer to 130. And that should be more than sufficient for this tournament. But we will see 😉

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  1. Siobhan

    Hi, before I subscribed I was reading about the building you should or should not spend gems on. I’m a new player on chapter 2. The quest I’m at now in the May event is get the flying boat, the anchor costs 140 of my 177 gems. But I can’t find the info about buildings and gems. Can anyone let me know where to find it. Or give advice please.

    1. MinMax Gamer
      MinMax Gamer

      I am not quite sure what you mean. By gems, I assume you mean diamonds (premium currency of Elvenar); as such, no quests ever require using diamonds to complete them. I’ve seen all the quests in the May event, and I don’t know what is the flying boat or anchor you’re referring to. Perhaps you can elaborate a bit more? What is the exact text of the quest? Even better if you can post a screenshot (you can use for that – no registration is necessary).

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