You are currently viewing Elvenar Halflings – Day 07 [26%]

Elvenar Halflings – Day 07 [26%]

So, we’re in day 7 of Elvenar Halflings chapter (see previous day at Elvenar Halflings – Day 06). We’re passing through a really tight spot in the chapter’s progress. Rapid deployment of settlement is always tricky, and this time is particularly so. Are we going to succeed here and catch up, or are we going to fall behind? Time will tell…

City changes

Today we’re still ramping up our settlement build. We moved up from 6/1/0/0 fields setup to 6/4/0/0. Now we have meaningful production of grain and carrots, and can in theory produce Bread in the farms. But we’re not quite there yet. I have only upgraded one additional farm from L1 to L2 – our farms are not in great shape. I have deployed another 15% batch of portal profits for farms upgrade, but we’re currently running low on seeds.

In the meantime, we keep squeezing the shantytown out. Today, we dumped the last of the Weeping Willows – the final remnant of the Woodelves era. Still, we will have to do more if we’re to keep the stored production until the event start. It sounds that the new event will begin together with the next tournament. This means that it will be several days still before we can even begin to collect. It is going to be a rough ride, space is getting really tight…

Halflings - Day 07 [26%]

Halflings – Day 07 [26%]
Elvenar Halflings progress

We’re in a tight spot, progress-wise. We need to build more fields ASAP, but we’re lacking both seeds and fertilizer for that. Seeds we have to share with research activation requirements – right now we’re waiting for enough seeds to unlock residences upgrade.

Halflings - Day 07 [26%]

Halflings – Day 07 [26%]

But we’re also low on fertilizer. To get more fertilizer we need more farms capacity. As we can’t really build more, we need to upgrade the existing ones. This takes research goods that we’re not close to be able to produce efficiently. This means more portal profits needed. But even with PPs, farm upgrades take a long time – 10-12 hours each. But once we pass through that, we should be able to get enough fertilizer (especially considering that seeds are really tight anyway), and only then we will be switching over to research goods production.

We’re still keeping up on ETAs (barely), but this is because we keep dropping those PPs on the farm upgrades. This can’t last long. The next few days are going to be tricky…

Halflings - Day 07 [26%]

Halflings – Day 07 [26%]
Planks Tournament – recovery and preparation

Recovery mode is on from the tournament perspective. For the planks tournament we’re going with Granite Golems. This is Heavy Range unit, and as a range unit I expect it to do quite well with the damage boost provided by the Fire Phoenix. We won’t have Unleashed Unit Upgrade available, nor will we have an extra boost from Enhanced Light Range.

On the other hand, Golems are not as squishy as Elite Archers, so I expect us to do reasonably well. We probably won’t replicate success of the steel tournament though 😉

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