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Elvenar Orcs – Day 30 [78%]

So, we’re in day 30 of Elvenar Orcs chapter (see previous day at Elvenar Orcs – Day 29). Main news today was a start of the gems tournament, and let’s just say things did not quite go according to plan ๐Ÿ˜‰ Read more on this below, in the tournament section.

In other news Main Hall has about 21 hours left to go to complete upgrade to L21. There are also only 2 residences left that I need to upgrade L20->L21. And the last upgrade piece for this chapter is L10 and L11 for Training Grounds.

Orcs - Day 30 [78%]

Orcs – Day 30 [78%]
Gems Tournament – 1* day

Well, gems tournament started today. North America switched to Daylight Savings Time last weekend, and that pushed tournament start one hour later, so that confused me for a bit. Now, my regular plan for the first day of the tournament is to open 20 provinces. Well, by the time tournament started, I’ve got ~70 squads of Bud Sorceresses. Not bad, right? And as you may remember, yesterday I decided that putting down Magnificent Mage Multiplier (+50% damage) would be sufficient. Right… ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, happy (not) to report that was a terrible idea. What happened is that I did blow through about 65 squads opening these 1* provinces, which is very high. Too high, in fact. So despite extra damage output I still need to add extra health as elven mages are just too squishy. Blossom mages might eventually work better for this tournament due to extra range, despite lower health. Unfortunately, I only have those at L1, and production is significantly slower than barracks units. So I will drop Unleashed Unit Upgrade before the next tournament round. So much for saving UUU…

Elvenar Orcs research goods

Research goods – shrooms of wisdom and loot – seem to be running slightly ahead of schedule. No shrooms of wisdom collection today, so no tech activations. But it seems that after current farms finish production, I would be done with psychoshrooms, as well as powershrooms and dung. Which would leave armaments, loot and SoW. Armaments are running on 1-1.5hr cycles so would be easy to cover. Also, I can produce 1000 loot every 12 hours (given all the ingredients in place). This leaves SoW production, and that’s where I am going to re-purpose other mushroom farms to SoW production (as I have all the dung I need). In any case, goods production won’t be a constraint – KP production would.

Orcs - Day 30 [78%]

Orcs – Day 30 [78%]

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