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Elvenar – Tournament Tutorial [2020] – Marble

It is time to make another Elvenar tutorial video – this time, we’re starting a new series on fighting in the new tournaments as introduced in the Fall of 2020, and we will start with the Marble tournament this time around πŸ˜‰ Fighting in Elvenar is highly specific to individual city – stage of development, troops unlocked and available, Ancient Wonder levels, temporary / evolving building boosts and so on. So it is practically impossible to make a generic advice on specific matchups, but here we will focus on relatively average end-game city (chapter 17). Even if that’s not you, you can still get some ideas on how to approach different matchups, measure your own performance there and pick the ones that work best.


Because setup is important, here is what was used in this run:

  • Chapter 17 / Elf
  • All troops unlocked at 3*, no shortages in availability
  • Martial Monastery AW – L30 (+30% health)
  • Victory Springs AW – L16 (+24% light melee damage)
  • Needles of the Tempest AW – L13 (+20% light range damage)
  • Dragon Abbey AW – L12 (+19% mage damage)
  • Heroes’ Forge AW – L11 (+18% heavy melee damage)
  • Temple of the Toads AW – L14 (+21% heavy range damage)
  • Fire Phoenix – L10, fed (+50% all units damage)
  • Unleashed Unit Upgrade – 1x (+25% health)
  • Enlightened Light Range – 1x (+50% light range damage)

With equal boosts, this is by far the easiest tournament type out there. You can put up MMM here as well and it will be useful. This is not critical, but it will help to reduce losses somewhat. However, you may want to save boosts for harder tournaments out there as this one you should be able to do with acceptable losses regardless.

Progression (previous vs 2020 edition)

You may have seen my series with tutorial for the previous version of the tournaments. As my approach have changed, let’s compare the two (old vs 2020):

Individual Rewards – Previous vs 2020 edition

As you can see, I have calibrated the runs to be as close as possible in terms of tournament points. Of course, the primary goal of tournaments is still acquiring maximum amounts of KPs while keeping it sustainable. Given that difficulty changed quite significantly, previous setup of 50/50/12/12/12/9 is not optimal anymore – you want to keep roughly the same number of provinces all the way into 5*, thus picking up KPs from both 2* and 5* stages instead of just 2* as before.

As you can see, this definitely impacts all rewards. Not all these changes are important though. 8% less relics is utterly irrelevant at this stage of the game. And so is double of the random runes. I personally don’t use EE enchantments, but someone who does may actually benefit from more than double the amount.

Which leaves us with KPs and PoP enchantments. Unfortunately, both are down. We will be getting 20% less of KPs than in the previous setup, and less than half the PoPs. Reduced PoPs can really hurt. With just 3x Magic Workshops I am basically breaking even every week (growing ever so slightly). And as we will see, all this costs us significantly higher troop losses.


Elvenar – Tournament Tutorial (2020) – Marble [C17-5*/01-24]

You will see most of the matchups in provinces 01-24. And you can see how much time does it take, and how losses accumulate the deeper you go into the tournament.

Losses (tutorial)

And here is a summary of sustained cumulative losses in this setup, as seen in the video:

Elvenar - Tournament Tutorial [2020] - Marble
Elvenar – Tournament Tutorial (2020) – Marble – Aggregate Losses (in regular squads)

Keep in mind that doing 1-24 provinces in 2* is the same as doing 2-25 provinces in 1* etc, so you can see several lines in the chart. Thick red line is the average losses for a particular encounter (adjusted for different star stages). Dashed line is a trendline.

Now, don’t try to extrapolate it like that past province #30. Once you reach that, enemy squad size ratio growth slows down significantly. And while absolute squad sizes will continue to grow, I’d expect the curve to have lower slope after #30 or so. I haven’t gone that far in this playthrough, so that data is not there.

You can notice a big jump in province #27. This is a double defeat in #23 in 5*. Just to put things in perspective: this single encounter did cost about 90 squads. This is significantly more than all the other 5* encounters combined (that would be 57 squads), or more than 20% of total losses from the whole tournament! That’s something that can and does happen in the new tournaments…

Losses (averages)

Now, the losses from a single tournament may or may not be representative. E.g. freak losses are unlikely to repeat. So here are average losses over several tournament cycles (will be updated as time goes):

Elvenar - Tournament Tutorial [2020] - Marble
Aggregate Average Losses – Marble (in regular squads)

And here is comparison of losses between previous tournament and the new 2020 edition:

Total Losses Previous vs 2020 (in regular squads)

Keep in mind that this is not apples-to-apples comparison. This is doing 50/50/12/12/12/9 vs 24/24/24/24/24/9, as discussed above. I am pretty certain that I wouldn’t even be able to complete all tournaments to 50/50 in the new setup. Also, I did upgrade a few military AWs since the time of previous tournaments, and my regular squad size is somewhat larger than it used to be (didn’t do any adjustments for that). This means that relatively speaking new losses are even higher than the chart shows.

I’ll keep updating the chart as the time goes on, in particular I will adjust boost distribution over different tournaments, so hopefully total losses will be going down. But I believe this picture is fairly representative.

So hopefully this helped some of you to get a better idea on how to improve your Marble tournament game. And I am planning to do more videos for other tournament types, so stay tuned πŸ˜‰

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Elvenar - Tournament Tutorial [2020] - Marble
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  1. Blaine

    Are the unit guides still valid for the new tournament format? Can you stack a couple units for a given tournament, or do you need a mix on hand?

    1. MinMax Gamer
      MinMax Gamer

      These tutorials are already for the new tournament format (as of end of 2020). I still do 5 stacks of a single unit type on auto combat because many people do not have an option of manual (e.g. mobile) or cannot be bothered to waste a ton of time doing it on the desktop (that’s me). Mixing different unit types with auto combat is usually a bad idea as AI is pretty bad, and unit mixes often do worse than pure unit types.
      You can do better if you’re willing and able to do manual combat – there unit mixes do make sense. I just can’t be bothered with manual πŸ˜‰

  2. Sylvia

    I am glad I took time to look at this video. I definitely had less losses fighting round 5 and round 6. I fought round 6 till province 15, wich I normally only do till province 9

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