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Elvenar – Tournament Tutorial – Crystal

We continue our tutorial series on fighting in different Elvenar tournaments, and now is time for the Crystal tournament. Fighting in Elvenar is highly specific to individual city – stage of development, troops unlocked and available, Ancient Wonder levels, temporary / evolving building boosts and so on. So it is practically impossible to make a generic advice on specific matchups, but here we will focus on relatively average end-game city (chapter 16). Even if that’s not you, you can still get some ideas on how to approach different matchups, measure your own performance there and pick the ones that work best. Note, that this is for the current tournament setup on live (Summer 2020), not for the proposed changes as tested on Beta.


Because setup is important, here is what was used in this run:

  • Chapter 16 / Elf
  • All troops unlocked at 3*, no shortages in availability
  • Martial Monastery AW – L29 (+29.25% health)
  • Victory Springs AW – L12 (+19% light melee damage)
  • Needles of the Tempest AW – L12 (+19% light range damage)
  • Dragon Abbey AW – L12 (+19% mage damage)
  • Heroes’ Forge AW – L11 (+18% heavy melee damage)
  • Temple of the Toads AW – L11 (+18% heavy range damage)
  • Fire Phoenix – L10, fed (+50% all units damage)
  • Dwarven Armorer – 1x (+50% health)
  • Unleashed Unit Upgrade – 1x (+25% health)
  • Enlightened Light Range – 1x (+50% light range damage)
  • Magnificent Mage Multiplier – 1x (+50% mage damage)

This is a very heavy duty setup – as heavy duty as it gets. You won’t need ELR for this tournament, but everything else will get a good use. Our primary unit type will be heavy melee, so extra health will come in handy. There is no way to avoid taking at least some damage with melee units. Overall, this is not the toughest tournament out there, but significant part of that is this heavy boost. It can be much worse otherwise.


Elvenar – Tournament Tutorial – Crystal [C16-2*/01-20]

You will see most of the matchups in provinces 01-20; the next video shows more of them up to province 50, so you can check how much variance can there be in losses even with equivalent matchups. And you can see how much time does it take, and how losses accumulate the deeper you go into the tournament.

Elvenar – Tournament Tutorial – Crystal [C16-2*/21-50]


And here is a summary of sustained losses in this setup:

Aggregate Losses (in squads)

So hopefully this helped some of you to get a better idea on how to improve your Crystal tournament game. And this likely concludes out tournament tutorial series for now as we had most of the covered (I missed Gems). Next time it will be new tournament setup, most likely.

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In the meantime, you can check out the rest of our Elvenar Strategy content. Till next time!

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