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Elvenar Crafting Recipes – Crowdsourcing

Here is a quick update and request for your help. We’ve put together a complete list of all available crafting recipes in Elvenar that may be available for crafting in the Magic Academy. But we will need your help πŸ˜‰

So without further ado, the list is available right here:

The information on existing recipes is complete and accurate as of the time of this writing. We periodically update this, so it should stay current.

But! The way that Elvenar works is that it never removes crafting recipes from its own list; it just stops sending some of them to the Magic Academy. As a result, the only way to figure out if a particular crafting recipe is no longer active is to basically not see it for a very long time ?

But we can crowdsource this information! That’s where we need community support. Yes, this means you πŸ˜‰

When you have reasons to believe that a particular recipe is no longer active, post it in the comments on the list page and we’ll see if someone can disprove that. If not, after a period of time we’ll mark it as inactive.

If one of the recipes is marked with a ‘?’ (yellow), and you encounter it in your Magic Academy, then that means that you can confirm that this recipe is active. Mention that and we’ll update the status.

Also, if you see a recipe that is not on the list, definitely mention it! Ideally, you do it with a link to a screenshot ? This means it is time for a recipe list refresh.

Looking forward for your feedback!

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