Elvenar Chapter 17 – Production Preview

Elvenar Chapter 17 – Production Preview

[Updated 2020-10-12] Chapter 17 – whaaat, again?! Yep, let’s continue previewing Elvenar Chapter 17 chapter. You may want to start with out Research Preview, but today we will be talking about guest race production setup. So let’s take a look at what is speculated so far – of course, anything you find here is subject to change. Or it might be entirely made up. You have been warned 😉 So without further ado, let’s preview settlement production in Elvenar Chapter 17.

POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT! Now, if the intro above didn’t get the message across 😉 The following post is potentially a one giant spoiler for the upcoming chapter. So if you don’t want to spoil this until it hits actual beta or live servers, you should stop reading just about now. Or if you just don’t like engage in rumors and speculation, you should press that Back button now. You have been warned!

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Production Cycle

Overall Setup

So here is how guest race production setup looks like:

Elvenar Chapter 17 - Production Preview
Elvenar Chapter 17 – Production Preview [2020-10-12]

This actually looks less complicated than production cycle for Chapter 16. It will look even easier once we unpack some of that down below 😉 So let’s do just that!

OK, so far we don’t know the names of production buildings (we do now), so we’ll be using the code names for now. So buildings are gray shapes in the diagram. ElvenarinZero is a single capped portal resource (orange in the diagram), while yellow items are uncapped guest race resources. Blue items are production functions of particular buildings. And finally, green items are basic resources that are used as inputs into this whole production engine. As you can see, we will only need mana, seeds and S3 for that.

So keep in mind that you will get only ElvenarinZero when dropping Portal Profits! Other guest races goods are Luxuries, Delicacies and Artifacts. These are uncapped, and you can’t get those from Portal Profits. But you certainly will need those for research.

Uncapped Goods Production

It seems that this time around we don’t get upgradable production buildings for these resources. Instead, we get different buildings that can produce particular resource from different inputs. So we have buildings that we call C17 Luxuries #1, C17 Delicacies #1 and C17 Artifacts #1. Those are Flagships of different trading guilds – Pirates, Gourmets and Collectors. Those buildings can produce uncapped resources from ElvenarinZero on different intervals. You can’t upgrade those and you can’t have more than 1 of each.

Later on you can unlock C17 Luxuries #2, C17 Delicacies #2 and C17 Artifacts #2. Those are large guild ships and are different buildings (and need to connect to the flagships as a set), and can produce corresponding goods from another uncapped good. You can’t upgrade those either, and you can only have 3 of each.

Finally you can unlock C17 Luxuries #3, C17 Delicacies #3 and C17 Artifacts #3. Those are small guild ships and are again different buildings (and need to connect to the flagships and large ships of own guild as a set), and can produce corresponding goods from yet another uncapped good. You can’t upgrade those either, and it seems there is no limit on those buildings.

You may notice that unlike in the usual setup where uncapped resources are intermediate and are inputs into production of capped resources, this is not the case here. Here capped resource (ElvenarinZero) is an input into production of uncapped resources (Luxuries, Delicacies and Artifacts).

Trade Center [C17 Portal]

Portal for chapter 17 produces ElvenarinZero. This is a production building, Here is some information on leveling up the Portal – dimensions, ElvenarinZero cap, production multiplier and construction / upgrade costs:

Elvenar Chapter 17 - Production Preview - Portal Levels
Elvenar Chapter 17 – Production Preview – Portal Levels

Remember, we have 4 research items to unlock to get every level here, so it might take a while to get to L4. Apart from that, this doesn’t look too bad. 8×8 is sizable, but not unusual for later chapters. Production multiplier per level is standard (this is boosting Senate’s own production, not impact of portal on other buildings). Construction costs are mostly fine – coins and supplies requirements are pretty low. Will need some orcs, but this is practically most of the requirements for the whole chapter right here, so it’s not a big deal. L2, L3 and L4 upgrades will require uncapped guest race goods, but these looks relatively modest comparing to research requirements.

Which leaves us with a big unknown in unurium. Even L1 needs some (and that’s right after the Trader upgrade!), so depending on how easy/difficult it is to get it, this might be a problem. Or not. We’ll see 😉


So here is how production looks at L4 (no other boosts):

Elvenar Chapter 17- Production Preview - Portal Production
Chapter 17 – Portal Production

C17 Portal is similar to the Embassies from the Chapter 16. As you upgrade it, you unlock different productions (with different inputs) – that’s why the table is for L4. At L4, everything is unlocked.

But basically, portal produces ElvenarinZero in 2h cycles, with L1 requiring mana, L2 can also use seeds and at L3 and L4 you can use S3 as inputs. If you run some basic math, you’ll see that mana production is not really sustainable long-term – this needs 800K+ of mana daily for full utilization.

Seeds production might be sustainable – depends on how much do you produce and spend elsewhere. 80K/day is possible, but a lot depends on if unurium production conflics with seeds production.

S3 production is the most efficient – you only need less than 20K of S3 daily, and you can pick the one you prefer. So that is certainly doable long-term.

But of course, the easiest way to fulful all your ElvenarinZero requirements would be to simply drop Portal Profits. This will require no other resources, and considering how much many end-gamers have in the stockpiles, this looks like the most effective and efficient way of doing it.

Uncapped Goods Production Facilities

Production buildings for Luxuries, Delicacies and Artifacts all look very similar, so it makes sense to look at these together.

 Chapter 17 - Luxuries Production Facilities
Chapter 17 – Luxuries Production Facilities [Pirate Guild]
Chapter 17 - Delicacies Production Facilities
Chapter 17 – Delicacies Production Facilities [Gourmet Guild]
Chapter 17 - Artifacts Production Facilities
Chapter 17 – Artifacts Production Facilities [Collectors Guild]

Again, there are 3 tiers for different buildings for each good (so 9 different buildings overall). You can’t upgrade any of those. Buildings in the same group need to be connected together like a set (and #1s have to touch the portal). #1s are flagships, #2s are large ships and #3s are small ships.

And ouch! Those are big! And as we’ll discuss a bit later, it seems you would want to place as many as you can, unless you want to spend forever gathering guest race resources.

Apart from the size, costs are fairly manageable. And again, the big unknown is unurium that will be needed for all of them. And it might be a bottleneck.


So here is how production looks like (with no other boosts).

Elvenar Chapter 17 - Luxuries Production Preview
Chapter 17 – Luxuries Production
Elvenar Chapter 17 - Delicacies Production Preview
Chapter 17 – Delicacies Production
Elvenar Chapter 17 - Artifacts Production Preview
Chapter 17 – Artifacts Production

Looking at requirements and production numbers, it is easy to see that Luxuries:Delicacies:Artifacts are roughly used/produced at 2:4:1 ratio. So you can treat amounts with these ratios as equivalent. And as you can see, with that productions in #2 and #3 adds value, so it can basically create uncapped goods out of nothing.

Something from nothing?

So the things about production of uncapped resources is that after you seed initial production with some ElvenarinZero, you can in theory run cycled production with no other inputs, just convert one into another and multiply your stock (this assumes no spending). And given that ElvenarinZero is basically free with PPs, this sounds great!

Doesn’t it? 😉 It does – if only we would have unlimited space. Which we most certainly do not. So while #2 and #3 can multiply uncapped goods with no other inputs, they produce fairly little. And the buildings are big. As in, BIG. And going with the minimal setup (e.g. #1s only) is not amazing. Initial estimates point towards more than 6 months of scrounging for uncapped goods, and it looks like it could be way more than that.

And to get to more reasonable 3 months or so, you’d need something like 1+3+3 setup – for each of the three goods! You can calculate how much space that would require. Here go your plans of not placing expansions to reduce your tournament and Spire costs. Or perhaps it is plans to do Chapter 17 😉

Get ready for a long haul

So yeah, so far this look pretty terrible. We might be able to get together required KPs in reasonable amount of time, we should be OK on most of the usual resources. Even orcs should not be a problem this time around. But so far it seems that unless you can dedicate truly vast amounts of space for the settlement, you will be spending a long, long time in this chapter.

And don’t forget that even if you find space for #2s and #3s, those need to run short productions to be truly efficient. In the case of #3s, 3h is the longest possible production. The fastest production is in 15 minutes cycles. I am so looking forwards to do a few months of 15 min cycles… No, no I am not 😉

But hey, it’s possible that things will change. If we’re really lucky, it may even be for the better! 😉 Or course, it is also possible that I have made some errors in the calculations. Given that all these assumptions are sketchy to begin with that won’t be particularly surprising. Or I could be right, and we’re screwed 😉

So this is it for now. Let me know what you think about this preview of Elvenar Chapter 17 guest race production in the comments below. Certainly let me know if there are other things that you know about the chapter. I may make another post about upgrades that are coming up.

Stay tuned! 😉

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  1. Turbina

    Did I read this correctly? We research Flagships BEFORE Portal 2, but Flagships cost more to build (130k ElvZ) than Portal 1 can hold (120k)? Basically making Vortex Level 3 (+8.33% storage needed) mandatory for a head start!?

    1. Turbina

      I have to correct myself to the worse: The Portal2 research requires the resources produced by the flagships. If Portal1 does not have enough storage capacity to build the flagships in the first place, this makes Vortex definitely mandatory. And to me, a mandatory wonder is an absolute NO-GO. This must not reach live servers.

      1. MinMax Gamer
        MinMax Gamer

        Well, it hasn’t even reached the Beta yet. But so far it does indeed look this way.

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