You are currently viewing Elvenar Halflings – Day 03 [12%]

Elvenar Halflings – Day 03 [12%]

So, we’re in day 3 of Elvenar Halflings chapter (see previous day at Elvenar Halflings – Day 02). The big news today is that we started with the first day of the steel tournament. So how did we do? Let’s just say that the results were… out of the ordinary 😉

City changes

It is going to be relatively slow for at least couple of days. We still keep upgrading those residences – only 4 are left, and I am considering keeping them for the completion of event quests (upgrade building past a certain level). Otherwise, I don’t have anything that I can upgrade, and the new research that will allow me to do so is still days away. The problem is, I don’t know when the event will actually start, so I hope I can wrap this up quickly.

With upgraded residences we’re building more L1 buildings for the shantytown, as well as pipelining slow productions (24 and 48 hours). This is looking good so far.

We continue working on portal upgrades. After another injection of Portal Profits, we’re now at L3. It seems by the time we will start any production in our settlement, we will be operating at maximum efficiency with L4 Spring Grove.

And while there is not much to build, we have upgraded Flying Academy to L2. Another AW level will improve our seeds production (even though by just a bit).

Halflings - Day 03 [12%]

Halflings – Day 03 [12%]
Elvenar Halflings progress

Today we have activated Irrigation Canal research, and started working on the Farms tech. There is no point in constructing canals as there is nothing to connect (e.g. farms) yet. Canal construction doesn’t take builders or time, only resources. And there was no point in putting Farms research ahead as you need to connect farms to the portal with canals – even to construct them. So until we finish the Farms tech, we can’t really continue with our settlement build. Well, tomorrow we will have more KPs from the tournament, so we should be able to activate the Farms, and start building those.

We’ve negotiated another scouted province. And again, I deployed some Portal Profits to fast-track Spring Grove upgrades. This time, we needed 65% worth of Portal Profits to upgrade from L2 to L3. One more upgrade, and we will be done with the portal.

And this keeps improving our ETA projections on productions. Yesterday, we were looking at finish on day 40. Today, we improved to day 38. Let’s see if deploying PPs to upgrade portal to L4 will be enough to get us on the right track…

Halflings - Day 03 [12%]

Halflings – Day 03 [12%]
Steel Tournament – 1* day

Today we have started another steel tournament. I put up Enhanced Light Range, fed my L10 Fire Phoenix, and prepared for a ride. Note that we don’t have Unleashed Unit Upgrade – for the first time in many weeks we don’t have any left. So, how did that go?

Oh boy, what a ride it was. We have started with 115 squads of Elite Archers that we’ve got for free from the Shrine of Shrewdy Shrooms. We’re still working in the background on producing Dryads II in the Training Grounds. And we’ve lost 29 squads in 1*. I mean, this is a decent result, and pretty comparable with some of the previous tournaments.

Except for one thing – look at the Caterings/Defeats numbers. Those zeros are not because I didn’t collect the data (like in the previous steel tournament – finally, we have some data from the previous tournament of the same type!). It is because I decided to fight all the encounters – including those with 3+ counterunits. And after that meatgrinder, we’ve had no defeats, and no catering whatsoever. And the losses were only 29 squads – that we’ve got for free.

This is an outstanding result. We’ll see if next stages continue the same pattern!

Steel Tournament – 1* day
Steel Tournament – 1* day

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