You are currently viewing Elvenar Woodelves – Day 14 [43%]

Elvenar Woodelves – Day 14 [43%]

So, we’re in day 14 of Elvenar Woodelves chapter (see previous day at Elvenar Woodelves – Day 13). The city is finally getting into shape for the Woodelves settlement buildout. And it has already started! Forest Glade and a few squares of Forest Trails are already in. So far, our progress has been spot on, but will it all become unhinged when we enter settlement production stage? We already face some tough choices on space allocation. How will we manage it?

City changes

Finally! Almost overnight, my city layout looks much cleaner, and much closer to the target. Target changed a bit though 😉 I posted an extensive analysis on what is the optimal build for Woodelves. So now is a time to implement that target layout!

As you can see below, we’re almost there. All primary workshops are finally lined up at their target positions in the top row. Whew, just in time! I ripped out most of the L1 shantytown from the Fellowship Adventure, and already placed Forest Glade in its target spot. Yay! If you’re wondering about this settlement road to nowhere – that’s for one of the mainline quests. They want you to build 8 squares of the Forest Trail. Oh well, might as well.

Residence upgrades continue, and I have started another upgrade for my T3 manufactory (L17->L18). This will leave only one upgrade left for T3 production, and I should be able to squeeze it in right before settlement ramp up. 2x L19 dust manufactories would give me a tad above 4K of dust every 3 hours. Or about 25K a day, and can still be boosted with Magical Manufacturing spells.

Space constraints?

So what are we missing for the settlement? Space. I need to clear out more space! Two Frozen Shipwrecks will go as soon as I can replace the pop (or even before). They’re from the Dwarves chapter, so still close to 1,200 pop between two of them. I should be getting a new province expansion as early as tomorrow, and will start move one of the Willows there.

I am also sitting on some free diamonds that would be enough to get another premium expansion, but I hesitate. Between waiting for 10% off on expansions, and potential upgrade to my Builders’ Hut, I’d wait for was long as I can. There are 3 research expansions that can be unlocked soon (2 do not require settlement goods), but I want to rush to settlement buildings first, to start construction.

This means that I may potentially remove several Willows while I am building a settlement, only to rebuild them later, when expansions become available. But this needs to be balances with massive mana generation requirements. And I haven’t got Royal Restoration recipes in MA in a long long time.

Choices, choices… As I mentioned, things are bound to get interesting 😉

Woodelves - Day 14 [43%]

Woodelves – Day 14 [43%]
Elvenar Woodelves progress

Today was supposed to be another slow KP day, but I decided to spice it up. For that, I negotiated almost 4 full provinces on the map. And then I ran out of orcs – again! 😉 Nevertheless, as expected I finished – and constructed – a Forest Glade. This is a big milestone! But with extra KPs I also unlocked Forest Trail, and started to work on researching Forest Fabrications.

I am rushing towards Forest Fabrications tech as I need to start producing settlement goods – in particular, mana tears for builds/upgrades. So I am planning to negotiate the rest of my currently scouted provinces. And this would also give me another expansion.

New progress tracking dashboard!

So we’re getting really close, and so far pretty much spot on in terms of KP accumulation. Take a look at my progress dashboard – it’s currently at 62 KP/day. If you’ve read my post on Elvenar Woodelves – Optimal Build (and you should), you recognize the format.

Woodelves - Day 14 [43%]

Woodelves – Day 14 [43%]

Top right corner has an additional progress dashboard. Most of the items are rather self explanatory, but ETA Completion warrants an extra commentary. Basically, in the Optimal Build post we were talking that you only go as fast as your tightest constraint will allow you. And we also established that different components need to be completing their job in roughly the same amount of time. Otherwise, you either have to wait for something, or you waste some resources by having some of the components finishing ahead of time.

Well, the ETA completion shows just that – expected completion time for different components of the build. Target KP assumes the remaining KPs will accumulate with the target rate (60KP/day). Actual KP does the same, but using actual realized KP rate (currently, 62KP/day). Mana line shows expected completion of all mana requirements with the current production rate. And the same things you can calculate for Forest Fabrications and Grafting Sites complexes.

So we want all these numbers to be close together – and indeed this is the case. The discrepancies are well within tolerance levels. I expect KP rates to drop a bit, as I caught up with scouted provinces.

We will see if we can track to these expectations…

Woodelves - Day 14 [43%]

Woodelves – Day 14 [43%]
Planks Tournament – recovery and preparation

Recovery mode is still on from the tournament perspective. Not much to report here, everything is still going smoothly. I am up to 100+ squads of Granite Golems, and still some time to build more. Supplies are maxed out, goods inventory dropped a bit due to province negotiation. But it’s nowhere close to the levels that would warrant any concern. We’re all good here!

Getting excited about Fire Phoenix in the upcoming event. If it is all it is claimed to be, this is going to be amazing for tournament fighting!

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