You are currently viewing Elvenar – Spire Tutorial – Chapter 4 [Level 3]

Elvenar – Spire Tutorial – Chapter 4 [Level 3]

Alright, it is time to make an Elvenar Spire tutorial video 😉 Today we will be focusing on negotiation aspect in the Spire of Eternity, and we will see how the Spire can be completed with a relatively low-level city (chapter 4). Being that early in the game means we won’t be fighting at all, and we will be playing negotiation/catering/convincing game exclusively. Some call it diplomacy, some call it bribing 😉 So in these 3 videos we’re going to complete all encounters on Level 3 – Laboratory. We’ll take on the last boss, and see what happens! 😉

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Let’s see how it goes 😉

Elvenar – Spire Tutorial – Chapter 4 [Level 3 / 01-08]

Elvenar – Spire Tutorial – Chapter 4 [Level 3 / 09-15]

Elvenar – Spire Tutorial – Chapter 4 [Level 3 / Final Boss and Conclusion]

So hopefully this helped some of you to get a better idea on how get up in the Spire. We’re done with this run, but we may re-visit the Spire and see how things can be different for a high level city.

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Elvenar - Spire Tutorial - Chapter 4 [Level 1]
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In the meantime, you can check out the rest of our Elvenar Strategy content. Till next time!

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