You are currently viewing Elvenar Halflings – Day 06 [24%]

Elvenar Halflings – Day 06 [24%]

So, we’re in day 6 of Elvenar Halflings chapter (see previous day at Elvenar Halflings – Day 05). Today, we have wrapped up our very successful steel tournament. And in our city we’re building Halflings fields as fast as we can. But it might not be fast enough…

City changes

Today we’re ramping up our settlement build. We’re up to 7 fields in total, and one is already upgraded to L2 to produce carrots. The rest are producing grain at L1. My initial analysis indicated that 4/4/5/5 fields build should be appropriate, but it seems that constructing that will take a really long time. So we will likely need to adjust as we go, as we cannot simply ignore upgrade time here.

In addition to that I deployed another 20% worth of Portal Profits in order to upgrade 2 farms to L3. I am planning for 6x farms at L3 in total.

And we continue with our shantytown buildout. As we expand the settlement, we need to cut somewhere else. And it will be mana production. We’re actually pretty good on mana this time, so temporary reduction should not be a problem. As such, I dumped 2x of the Weeping Willows already, with one still standing. Willows will have to go anyway, so this is not that big of a deal. But we likely won’t stop here. We will see.

Halflings - Day 06 [24%]

Halflings – Day 06 [24%]
Elvenar Halflings progress

Today we have completed and activated Orc Strategist Promotion – this means that we can finally start working on the Rearranged Residences tech, so our builders can finally go to town on upgrades.

We’re still nowhere close to where we need to be on the settlement production. The only reason why we keep up ETA target is because we’re dropping Portal Profits for upgrades. And seeds ETA dropped significantly since yesterday (27->32). Nothing really happened with supply or demand – it was a calculation that was incorrect. In particular, I didn’t add current day and showed number of days left. It looked so good 😉

Still, seeds are in somewhat decent shape. This was – and still is – a big concern of mine as there is just no way to ramp up seeds production quickly. And we’re going to be limited on seeds very soon. Just a couple of days ago I had about 60K of seeds accumulated. Today, I finished with slightly more than 20K.

But right now my constraint is actually fertilizer. I just built my farms, but at L1 even with L4 portal they just don’t produce that much. And we will need a LOT of fertilizer. Hence, I decided to use some more Portal Profits, and upgrade my farms to L3 ASAP. Each L3 farm does twice as much output as an L1, so it should definitely help.

Regardless, overall construction plus upgrade is going to take a long time…

Halflings - Day 06 [24%]

Halflings – Day 06 [24%]
Steel Tournament – 5* and 6* day

And so the easiest tournament of all – steel – is done. We used two unit types – Elite Archers and Dryad II, and both performed great. Remember, we did not use Unleashed Unit Upgrade for extra health! We did use Enhanced Light Range for extra damage in addition of the Fire Phoenix.

And most importantly, we did fight all the encounters this time – no auto-catering for 3+ counterunits! Well, in the earlier stages that is. In stage 6* it was pretty clear that even with +100% on damage, we still consistently lose encounters with 3+ counterunits, so in this stage it was catered. But apart from that, we had almost no goods expenditure due to catering. This was great to shore up the finances! 😉

All in all, an outstanding result. Unfortunately, we can’t count on a repeat any time soon. All other tournaments are more difficult. And some of them are considerably so…

Steel Tournament – 5* and 6* day
Steel Tournament – 5* and 6* day

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