You are currently viewing Elvenar Woodelves – Day 07 [21%]

Elvenar Woodelves – Day 07 [21%]

So, we’re in day 7 of Elvenar Woodelves chapter (see previous day at Elvenar Woodelves – Day 06). Wow, hold on a second – what’s the deal with a zillion of L1 workshops that showed up in my city overnight? Am I modeling a sweatshop now? Well, sort of πŸ˜‰ So why exactly is all available space occupied with workshops now? Let’s find out.

City changes

As you may or may not know, another Fellowship Adventure (FA) have just started. You can read more on Fellowship Adventures in general on the Elvenar Wiki, and specifically about March 2019 event on Elven Gems.

Fellowship Adventure

Bottom line is, FA is just like an event, except it is a lot more work, requires cooperation with your FS fellows, and rewards are usually much, much worse πŸ˜‰ Still, as an active fellowship we play FAs and try to place as high as we can.

This time rewards are even useful (still not commensurate with the effort required). In stage 3, you get Trading Outpost to crank out Portal Profit instants. You also get Fields of Gold hybrid, which in this chapter would give me 1,430 pop in 4×3 format. That’s the same shape as my residences, and higher pop! So I may avoid building one L23 residence from scratch (~5 days worth of build time), and just replace it with this. There are also KP instants and spell fragments, and these are always welcome.

So FA progress requires mass production of a lot of things – supplies, T1 goods, spells. Not in total amount, but in number of units of production – so it doesn’t depend on level of the building. Naturally, the most effective way to do it is to spam L1 buildings in all available space πŸ˜‰ Which is precisely what you observe here. I focus on workshop production, so only have WS, but it works the same way for T1 manufactories. Spells are a bit different, but we will be getting a lot of those from the incoming tournament.

Other changes

Apart from that, transition continues. I’ve got the second workshop in its target space, with 4 more to go. Now I need to wait for orcs, which is fine as I need to build up my residences anyway.

With the last negotiated province I finally unlocked another expansion, and closed the dent in the right bottom corner. Now I will be filling in the bottom row when the new expansions will be coming in.

I have also spent 18 Royal Restoration spells to upgrade one of my Frost Carved Christmas Trees from Dwarves to Fairies. This would boost my gems production by 1.6K a day.

Woodelves - Day 07 [21%]

Woodelves – Day 07 [21%]
Elvenar Woodelves progress

Not much has happened today from the chapter progress perspective. Today is the last day before the next tournament starts, so it is one of the slowest days from KP accumulation perspective. I basically just filled in half of the planks upgrade research, and that’s it. Should be able to unlock it tomorrow. Despite a slow day I am still at ~62KP / day on average, so on track.

I have finally reached notorious ring 11 on the global map, so all the new province negotiations will require orcs. So far, it’s not really material – about 20-30 orcs per encounter. More importantly for now, goods requirements for negotiation of my overscouted provinces are getting pretty high. I am looking at 2-3K in T3 per encounter, so around 20K per province. That’s quite a bit. Time to step up T3 production?

I have also hit 100K of mana in the inventory, and now decay becomes more noticeable. We’ll see if I need to ramp up mana production even more.

Woodelves - Day 07 [21%]

Woodelves – Day 07 [21%]
Steel Tournament – recovery and preparation

Recovery mode is still on from the tournament perspective. I will certainly get more than 100 squads trained before the tournament starts. This is going to be glorious! πŸ˜‰

With all the extra L1 workshops used for quest cycling, my supply levels started to climb up. Slowly, but still – the burn rate is very high. We’ll see if we can keep pace on supply generation side. We’ll, there are always instants in a pinch πŸ˜‰

Goods situations looks mostly fine. T1 is excellent, T2 is OK, T3 is mostly OK, with gems somewhat low. But gems is my highest yield good, so we should be fine here. Well, until the next expensive research, upgrade or catering πŸ˜‰

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