You are currently viewing Elvenar Woodelves – Day 34 [100%] – The End

Elvenar Woodelves – Day 34 [100%] – The End

So this is it, we’re finally done with the Elvenar Woodelves chapter! All in all, it did take 34 days (see previous day at Elvenar Woodelves – Day 33). And this is exactly as per our target projections! This is an amazing result, I am surprised at how accurate the plan turned out. Probably an accident 😉 We’ll have to see how it will look like in the next chapter…

City changes

Not much has changed in the city before the final transition to the next chapter. Except I kicked off final L23 upgrades to the rest of my workshops. Now all 6 of my regular workshops are upgraded to the max. Nice! This was ahead of schedule, too. Negotiating all the map provinces gave me 2 extra expansions, but I haven’t placed these yet, that’s for the new chapter. So that’s it.

Starting tomorrow, I will start reconfiguring the city for the Sorcerers & Dragons chapter. So it will look quite different! This is always the exciting part about building a city in Elvenar 😉

And I need to stop procrastinating, and finally write a post on planning for Sorcerers & Dragons chapter. I have already done most of the planning (so I am not flying blind), but I need to post it. Those are big write ups, too 😉

Woodelves - Day 34 [100%] - The End

Woodelves – Day 34 [100%] – The End
Elvenar Woodelves progress

Yep, just as I anticipated, today we finished not only research goods production with activation of Ancient Wonders of the Woodelves tech, but we also finished the whole chapter. In order to do that, I had to finish Advanced Scouts research as well.

Woodelves - Day 34 [100%] - The End

Woodelves – Day 34 [100%] – The End

Bu-bu-but how is that even possible, you ask? Yesterday we had nothing in Advanced Scouts, and today we’re done with all 115 KPs? And it’s not even a tournament day??

Well, this is also a part of my KP management. I’ve been sitting on a ton of open map provinces – 17, to be exact. And I wasn’t negotiating them as I didn’t want those KPs while I was restricted by settlement goods production. But now when we’re clear, and next production hasn’t started yet, we just opened the floodgates, and negotiated all the open provinces in one swoop! Take a look at my KP bar right after that:

131 KPs
131 KPs

Yep, 131 KPs. We successfully tested if KP bar supports 3-digit numbers 😉

So now I will be negotiating provinces as soon as I scout them, to grab all those KPs. That is, until I start production in the new chapter.

And on the point of unlocking Ancient Wonders research – yep, as I suspected, I finally had to cave in and use those Portal Profits to avoid tech lock. I only needed 25% though, so that was right on the money with my prediction yesterday. This was <1 day worth of production. So overall, I used 65% (to fast track portal upgrades) + 25% (final research cleanup) = 90% worth of Portal Profits for the Woodelves chapter. I consider this to be an excellent result!

Woodelves - Day 34 [100%] - The End

Woodelves – Day 34 [100%] – The End

I will be writing a bit more about results and lessons learned for this chapter. Stay tuned!

Silk Tournament – recovery and preparation

Recovery mode is on from the tournament perspective. This time, my prep time will be different. The primary unit for the silk tournament will be Elder Treants again, and I have quite a stash still from the crystals tournament. So instead of maxing out Treants all this time, I will build up till 120 squads or so, and then switch to Sword Acrobat production.

Based on the previous tournaments (that are not scrolls), 120 squads should be more than sufficient for the silk tournament. But I expect now that I need to recover and build massive troop reserve for the next scrolls tournament, and that means Sword Acrobats. So going forward, instead of building reserves across the board, I will focus excess capacity on building my light melee troops. We’ll see if that works out better than the last tournament…

Event – Evolution of the Phoenix

And so I am done with the main quest line for the Evolution of the Phoenix event. Took me about a week, and it would have been quite a bit faster if I could dedicate a bit more space. But this is still a good result, and as there was not much of interest in the earlier daily prizes, I was not missing any extra essence. Well, perhaps I could have benefited from one more Golden Palace from day 3. Or it might just be hoarding 😉

So now I will be doing daily quests and picking up sky essence around the city. As that is not overly exciting, I will continue these updates when there will be another daily that I will be going for. I’ll keep you posted.

Evolution of the Phoenix - 2019 Event
Evolution of the Phoenix – 2019 Event

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